in localizing electronic chemical materials
and flourishes into a global enterprise.
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Founded in 2001, RAMTECHNOLOGY is an industry-leading IT, electronic materials and chemical company specializing in the localization of materials and with the ambition of creating a technological vision and contributing to human society as a premier global enterprise.
As a domestic producer and supplier of chemical materials for manufacturing semiconductors, LCDs, LEDs, secondary batteries, and more—including semiconductor and display manufacturing etching and stripping solutions—we cater to a diverse range of customers and are expanding as a global supplier through the establishment of local factories in China.

RAMTECHNOLOGY aspires to achieve both quantitative and qualitative growth by realizing RAMTECHNOLOGY VISION 2050, grounded in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and ESG management principles. We strive to evolve as a company that champions sustainable development for our employees, customers, partners, and local communities. Leveraging cutting-edge research, we aim to facilitate the competitive launching and diversification of RAM's semiconductor product lineup, expand into industries beyond semiconductors, and use the establishment of additional factories as an opportunity to make significant strides forward.

RAMTECHNOLOGY has dedicated itself to the satisfaction of its employees and customers by establishing management, quality, and safety objectives, adhering to policies, and embracing virtuous management, welfare-oriented family culture, and customer-centricity. We comply with quality management systems and environmental safety systems, have been recognized as a robust small and medium-sized enterprise and an INNO-BIZ company, and have been acknowledged as an outstanding partner by our clients. The employees of RAMTECHNOLOGY are committed to repaying your unwavering support by confidently and proudly paving the way for a bright future.

Gil Jun-bong