ESG We actualize sustainable management
by embracing environmental, social,
and governance values.
Ethical Management
As a RAMTECHNOLOGY employee, I solemnly pledge to exemplify and implement the ethical management declaration and code to ensure that the company fulfills its social responsibility and achieves continuous growth.

- From RAMTECHNOLOGY Ethical Management Practice Pledge -


spearheads transparent management and satisfies stakeholders' demands. through adherence to its ethical management practice pledge.


RAMTECHNOLOGY diligently upholds employees' human rights through sexual harassment education and safety and health education.

  • Respect for human rights
  • Prohibition of
    forced labor and child labor
  • Compliance
    with labor conditionsand regulations
  • Health and safety
  • Prohibition of gender discrimination
Ethical Report
Ethical Report
The attached file

Ethical Management

We operate a channel to report unethical behavior (corruption, conflict of interest, etc.) by executives and employees.

Reporting channel: “Unethical behavior reporting box” has been installed in a place that is easily accessible to executives and employees.
We ensure that reports can be made freely by attaching information on the operation of the reporting channel to the report box.
* Report box attached contents :

1. Report subject: Unethical behavior by executives and employees (violation of the code of ethics), such as workplace sexual harassment, workplace bullying, corruption, and conflict of interest.

2. Guaranteeing the identity of the reporter: Confidentiality of the reporter and the reported content is guaranteed, and no disadvantages to the reporter are provided.

3. Processing Procedure: The code of ethics officer receives the report on the last day of every month and reports it to the CEO. The CEO processes the report in accordance with the relevant regulations and notifies the report of the result within 15 days of processing in the method desired by the reporter.

4. Person in charge and follow-up management: The code of ethics officer manages received cases and processing results.